Sonic Dimensions was a rumored 2012 Sonic game that was revealed to be a hoax by Takashi Iizuka, the head of Sonic Team. The game was rumored to feature 5 Sonic The Hedgehogs and Eggman split into good and bad ones, except the bad ones have been sent to the same world.

Rumored PlotEdit

According to, Sonic Dimensions was suppose to be a possible sequel to Sonic Generations which would start with Sonic The Hedgehog taking a walk with Miles "Tails" Prower and Knuckles the Echidna, when out of nowhere a strange purplish glow appears in the sky which immediately sucks Sonic into the purple glow, leaving Tails and Knuckles behind. Waking up, Sonic sees 4 blurry colors in front of him. They all help him up and told him what happened. They give their identities saying how they are Sonic The Hedgehog from different worlds.

Characters Edit

. Sonic the hedgehog ,(Blue,yellow ,orange, white and red)Edit

Blue Sonic(Normal Sonic)Edit

Blue Sonic has his usual attitude and speed and ablities,but consumes a brand new power that has not been announced yet. Blue Sonic can still spindash, and do homing attacks.

Yellow SonicEdit

Yellow Sonic is a little half frightened and half brave for most things. He has the ablity to spindash, punch, kick, and do a very slow homing attack, kind of like Classic Sonic. Yellow Sonic has blue eyes and has greenish-yellowish shoes.
My skin

Black SonicEdit

Black Sonic is a well mannered version of Sonic,someone who likes to fight and be polite. He has abilities such as homing attacks, Tie and Tuck, and the good old spindash. Black Sonic has purple eyes with black church looking shoes.

nero the hedgehog

Red SonicEdit

Red Sonic is full of anger and will stop at nothing until he defeats every villian he sees. Red Sonic has The Spice Attack, where he attacks with a little "skip in his step".He also has the Firedash, which is much more advanced than a normal spindash. Red Sonic has red eyes with hot red shoes
that burn when he loses power.

Special "Gold" SonicEdit

Gold Sonic is a special type of Sonic The Hedgehog from a world where another Sonic The Hedgehog is the villian. Gold Sonic has the Blinding Dash, the original Homing Attack, and his own special Gold Rings that trap and squeeze anybody to death. Gold Sonic has multicolored eyes and gold sparkly shoes.


The game was rumored to feature levels derived from Sonic Generations and most Modern Sonic games. These other 4 Sonics would be able to do all ablities that the Normal Sonic can do already, but each already have their unique powers. Normal Sonic's levels follow a gameplay style similar to more recent entries in the series, with the console versions using the 2D/3D style gameplay of Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors, whilst the 3DS version will use the 2D gameplay of the Sonic Rush series, both featuring techniques such as boosting and homing attacks.

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